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Last Stop Gakuen Map

Last Stop Gakuen Area Map

Hell is awfully green, I think...

(warning; big pictures)

[1] Road

Leads to the train station, as well as the infamous info booth and our beloved Mr . Parrot~

[2] Doors! Doors everywhere!

[3] Main building

>> Classrooms
>> Study halls (wth as if anyone's gonna sit down and study here...)
>> The Principal's office
>> Broadcasting room

Faq: Classrooms are provided for everyone who’d like one to start a certain activity, club or maybe a shop? We have nothing against profitable activity, as long as this activity is IC for those participating in it.

[4] The Dorms

>> (Basement)
>> First floor: Common room(s)
>> Second to ninth floor: Dorm rooms/showers

Faq: Can be found in the Dorms Entry.

[5] Cafeteria and library

>> First floor: Cafeteria and kitchen
>> Second to fourth floor: Library
>> Fifth floor: Attic (more facts about the attic can be found in the "What happens when...?"-entry)

Faq: The cafeteria is open at all times, and there’s always enough food for everyone! …where the cooking-robots come from, no one knows… Also, if your character want to go prepare themselves a meal at a time when none is served, or if they want a certain sort of food which is not on the menu, please feel free to use the kitchen whenever you want; the robot's won't harm you! ...much X'D

[6] Outdoor dining area

[7] The PE hall and gym

Faq: The PE hall can be used as a ball-room, sparring area, or whatever you feel like using it for. It can’t be claimed as an activity/club room, though.

[8] The swimming pool (complete with pixies!)

Faq: Feel free to use whenever you want; it's open at all times of the day. Just watch out for the pixies; they love to push people into the water and jump on their heads while swimming X'D

[9] Training grounds

>> Tennis/basketball courts
>> Running tracks
>> Dummies for the ninjas/triggercrazy folk

[10] The park

Pretty statues, cute little stone-benches, bushes styled as animals~ Perfect for a romantic walk, or just to use as an relaxing out-door area.

More facts about the styled bushes can be found in the "What happens when...?"-entry.

[11] The lake

[12] The beach

[13] The bridge


Faq: As for the forest, you can walk for as long as you’d like in one direction - watch out for the moose, they're friendly most of the time, but tend to get a little bit too friendly during the late afternoon and night~ X'D - and you still won’t find anything else but trees (and moose!). You’ll also find that when you start walking back, the distance you’ve covered wasn’t as big as you’d have expected it to…

Locations in the forest:

1. The Mountain (map to be added): The mountain is practically completely hollow. The cave system is enormous, and continues both underground and up thorough the entire mountain to the top, where the onsen is located~ The caves are also the home for several strange creatures, and they are very easy to get lost in...

2. The Onsen

3. The Cottages

23. The Apartment Building.

[15] The shop

Faq: Manned by chimpanzees.

>> What you will find in the shop: Think supermarket, but a small one. Some clothes, candy, some ingredients and fast food. Make-up, hygiene articles... And whatever you cannot find in there, you can always order~!

>> How to place orders: We will not handle this for you, you'll have to keep track of how many orders your character has made and how far apart they were. One order per each character/month is the rule the Principal has decided for this system.

>> What can I order? Anything~ Except for magical things related to your canon, or desctructive weapons which aren't related to your character (in case they have something like that, they'd probably have brought it with them from the beginning anyway), and people. Or well, of course you wan try to order people, but those orders will not be delivered.

Also. Be reasonable, please. Don't order cars, air planes, trains etc.

[16] The Wall

Faq: No one can get over the Wall, no matter how good at jumping, climbing, flying or simply just putting a fist through a wall they are.

[17] The Fountain of Youth

Faq: Facts about the attic can be found in the "What happens when...?"-entry.

[18] Road that leads to the Cottage Village.

[19] Number nineteen ran away.

[20] Tropical rainforest + exotic beach. Located by the Love Hotel.

[21] Gakuen Rabu Rabu. Aka the Love Hotel.

[22] Church.

[24] Flower Field.

[Other facts about the School]

>> The loudspeaker system: The broadcasting room is open to anyone who’d like to yell out their message over the entire school, at any time of the day~ The PA system can be heard everywhere in the school and in its surrouding areas.

>> The Principal: In the Last Stop Gakuen main rp-comm, the Principal’s word is law. Look out for posts made by
[info]stop_principal, and listen closely to his/her wisely spoken word through the school’s loudspeaker system. Oh, and there’s no use looking for the dear principal in the broadcast room; she/he won’t be there any more when you get there…

(More will most likely be added in time)
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